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ABQ Chemicals (HK)International Limited is located at the Jiang Men Hitech Industrial Development Zone,the wellknown hometown of overseas Chinese and a beautiful and great place.By keeping pace with the science and technology and close relationship and cooperation with many foreign famous universities and scientific research institutes,the Company enjoys a high quality R&D team of talents furnishing the Compay with the great R&D power.

Meanwhile.Adhering to the development concept of “Human being in harmony with nature and enterprise being important with environmental protection”.

The Companyhas been dedicated to the R&D,production and marketing of PCB ink series and electronic materials aiming to impel the industry forward and creat valve and benefit to our customers.

With the marketing and service strategy of “Centered on presales technology and focus on ater-saless ervices”the Company will make efforts to improve and keep innovating to become a modern “A-one”company with stong competitveness and R&D strength!

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